Babel Fish Translation Agency

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We offer services of simultaneous interpretation only.

Services are offered by a team of experienced interpreters with a solid professional background. If you need straightforward and reliable service you have reached the right place!



Interpreting services in our agency are managed by our dedicated unit, with proven track record in the field of professional interpreting:

We did many local, provincial, regional, national and international conferences, bilingual and multilingual conferences, including plenary sessions and numerous simultaneous workshops, native and social affairs, the legal, medical and pharmaceutical fields, as well as other areas such as insurance, finance, commerce, engineering, agriculture, medicine, machine industry, etc.

We work with you to understand your requirements, so we can select the most appropriate interpreters for your conferences or meetings. We can also offer advice on the planning and logistics of interpreting assignments. You can rely on top-notch interpretation services and our proven experience in the linguistic field to make your event productive and memorable.

We provide:

◊ Simultaneous interpretation for meetings, conferences or teleconferences.

◊ Ministerial (whispered) interpretation.

◊ Solutions for two, two hundred or two thousand participants.

Our Interpreters

Our experts are at your service ready to offer immediate communication. They are veterans, with many years and numerous international conferences behind them. They are capable of providing all forms of interpreting, from whispered to simultaneous conference interpreting. Over the years, we have built a network of professional interpreters with an expertise in a wide variety of fields. The result is a solid team working in close cooperation to meet your needs.

Statement about confidentiality

We make sure that we thoroughly understand the needs of our clients. All orders and all information submitted to us are held strictly confidential. We do not reveal names of our clients or any personal information unless explicitly permitted to do so.


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