Babel Fish Translation Agency

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Welcome to Babel Fish Agency!


Lost in translation?

Need fast and reliable interpretation?

Search no more!!!

We provide:

1. Translation of various types of documents, from user manuals to scientific papers, from numerous areas - automotive and machinery to information technology and medicine. If required, we use CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software - Trados, Star Transit, Deja Vu, etc.

2. Interpreting at conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops and any other occasion where there is a need for fast and accurate consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. We offer complete solutions for 2, 200 or 2,000 participants, including translators' booth, mics, earpieces, etc.

Check out our services page and contact us!

Why choose us?

Superior quality. No students or rookies, professionals only.

Flexible approach to pricing and money back guarantee!

By employing the staff with a high level of interpretation skills, with extensive experience, you avoid errors that might be made by translators/interpreters with only language training.

Our staff keep up to date with the terminology in various rapidly changing fields. New dictionaries are evaluated, and purchased if they meet our standards. We also utilize the latest specialized glossaries published on the Internet. And because your needs are different from those of any other agency, we build and maintain a customized list of terms used in each client's texts.


We use these CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools:

Translation Memory Systems


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